Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday . . . Before

It's Saturday, again!  Must be time to post something.  I'm going to have to dig deep for something good to write about, as I'm only thinking about the stuff I wish was happening, but isn't!

Let's see, the sun is shining!  Wow, I wonder how long that will last?  Originally, I was excited about the rare opportunity of going for a mini hike with my oldest daughter this morning, out to Round Lake, not far from our house.  I haven't been out there since before my knee surgery, and I am not altogether sure I can manage it, but I wanted to try.  Last night, Jess and I went shopping for "professional attire" as she has this "perfect for her" job and needs something other than jeans and hoodies!  So, we merrily shopped away, met David for dinner, and continued shopping until her best friend texted that she was coming to pick her up.

I awoke to a note from Jess telling me that she got home late, and she wished to sleep this morning. Alas, Jess is snoozing away her late night, and I'm trying to be a big girl and not go wake her up and drag her out of the house!

Remember the mis-measured pantry shelves?  Thanks to all the many comments about being nice to David, I'm not nagging him about taking them apart and making them over, as his back is still hurting quite a lot.  (I think, at least that's the story I'm getting!  Who am I to question pain???)

Lastly, I had a disconcerting email from Kailyn.  She is so homesick and miserable in France, and there isn't much I can do about it, except email her back, and hope we connect via skype this weekend.  It's really hard, with thousands of miles between us, and unable to convince her that  "this too shall pass" as when you're 20 and far from home, and pretty much alone, those moments drag into what feels like eternity.

There are a million things I should be doing today, but sitting around the house and whining isn't one of them!  As I watch the sun's rays shimmer on the maple tree out front, I decide I need to get out in nature, with or without companionship.

I have a few leaves turning red . . . very few!


  1. Enjoy your outside time. I was going to work in the garden (still may have to) but really don't want to go out and get wet. Sigh.

    BUT the thought of you even thinking of taking a mini hike is exciting news! So glad your knee is doing better.

  2. Thanks for the updates. Have a great weekend!

  3. Sandi, your posting today contained lots of news about you and your family. Thank you for sharing.

    I'm sorry to hear about Kailyn being homesick in France but perhaps your skyping today will help with that. Feeling helpless and not being able to control this must be frustrating.

    But the really good news is that you felt equal to trying to hike that trail.
    That's outstanding! As Harry Potter would say!


  4. This doesn't sound too whiny to me. We all have blue moments, but you are so right! A bit of time spent outdoors in a beautiful setting can make all the difference. Having read your later post first, I know you managed to get out after all with Jess and that you had a wonderful time absorbing all the beauty around you, especially your favourite moss covered tree and those spectacular reflections in the lake. Such a peaceful, tranquil and calm setting. Just perfect for lifting ones spirits! And David managed to get your pantry shelves readjusted! What a sweetie! I hope Jess enjoys her new job! Take care, Sandi. Hugs till next time xoxo

  5. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to know that your daughter is unhappy and so far away. What a challenge to not just want to fly over there and fix it for her! I hope she finds a way to settle in and enjoy France soon.

    I applaud your efforts to look for the good in your days. Hope the rest of the weekend was terrific.

  6. We all deserve to be whiny sometimes. Marriage gives us that right.


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