Saturday, October 1, 2011

Full Steam Ahead

It seems that I just can't seem to get a post written more than once a week lately!  Last night I got caught up on reading and commenting, about two hours worth, and didn't have the energy to write.  This morning I planned to, but life got in the way, as it does.

 I was awake a bit before 5 am, but convinced myself to let sleep take over.  I slept until after 7:00, and it felt pretty great.  After reading the paper and correcting a math assessment, I showered and headed downtown to an antique store that was closing.  There I found what I hoped would be a perfect shelf for my cookbooks. It was 40% off and the price was right so I bought it.  Since I was downtown anyway, I visited a few other shops that I don't get to very often and found a couple more doodads that I thought I needed.  I also found several periwinkle blue Fiesta plates that I purchased, as that color is retired and I can't replace them anymore. Now I have a few spares! I think I was putting off returning home, as I had a overwhelming chore awaiting me in the garage. I haven't had my car in the garage since I had knee surgery, as it's place has been overrun with boxes and bins that belong to my offspring.

Over the course of the summer, while I was stuck in the house recovering, both daughters moved their "kitchen stuff" home for the year.  I have daughters who are serious cooks, and they have either been handed down, or purchased on their own, some pretty extensive cookware and paraphernalia!  Kailyn moved all of her stuff home because she was going to be in France for the year. She managed to get  some sorting this summer and left a few boxes of clothing that will be delivered to our favorite homeless shelter, eventually!

Jess moved into a house with six girls (women!) at the end of August and there was already a very crowded kitchen, so her pots & pans and bowls and dishes were unceremoniously shoved into the garage.   I've known that there were multiple boxes and bins out there, (and no girls to sort through it!) but put off the task of clearing out a spot for my car until my knee was well healed.  Well, I'm pretty well healed and the time was today!

Fortunately, I mostly kept my sense of humor as I uncovered no less than seven frying pans in various sizes and states of disrepair in Jessica's boxes.  I texted her, "If I promise to buy you new ones, can I send your numerous frying pans to Goodwill?"  No surprise that she texted back, "Sure!"

She also had multiple pots and pans with ill fitting lids, or no lids, which were added to the box.  I consolidated most of the kitchen stuff into a few bins and boxes and managed to get them neatly placed on the shelves for storage.  As Jess is planning to move home next year for student teaching, she isn't going to be needing her things for another year or better.   I also gathered all the girls towels, hot pads and dish cloths to launder and felt very satisfied.

Next came another dreaded task, but one that I was sort of looking forward to.  Our neighbors are remodeling their kitchen and offered us their wonderful pantry as they were replacing it.  We've had a nice sturdy shelf unit that David built about 25 years ago that has served us well, but I longed for shelves I could adjust the height. The new ones are adjustable and have doors!  So, I first moved a falling apart unit full of stored stuff (mostly toys the girls have long outgrown but I can't bear to part with, and craft supplies). (I actually built this ugly unit myself about 30 years ago, and it's been falling apart since the day I built it!) Then I cleared the old pantry shelves of all the food, etc. so we could move that sturdy shelf unit into the place where the ugly one was.  About that time I realized I'd been going like a steam engine for about five hours and I needed a break. David graciously hauled the boxes and a dorm rug to Goodwill on his way to pick up pizza for dinner!

Now the garage is in a worst state than before, sort of.  But, it's ready for David to install the new (to us) shelves tomorrow morning.  I think by this time tomorrow my shelves will be filled, the garage will be clean and tidy, and my car will be returned to it's rightful spot! So, while I am fairly weary, it seemed like a good time to write a little and at least let my blogging friends know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

The good news is that despite the work this afternoon, I am only a little bit more tired than I would have been prior to surgery.  That is huge for me! It's so exciting to be back to my almost normal "steam engine" self!

Full steam ahead!


  1. You aren't kidding when you compare yourself to a steam engine! I have not had, nor do I anticipate I will need to have, knee surgery...yet, I can categorically say that I would have been completely bushed after accomplishing all you have described here! Just the shopping would have been enough to make me feel the need to take the rest of the day easy! It sounds as though you achieved a phenomenal task!

  2. It sounds like the season is in your blood, as you nest for winter. You also sound really happy! So glad for you.

  3. Sandi, when I first started reading your blog this past summer, you were recuperating from the knee surgery and having a hard time accepting your inability to do what you'd be used to doing. Now, here you are, shepherding your strength and becoming aware of your body: how it feels, what it can do, how long it can do it.

    For me, Meniere's Disease is what made me pay attention to what my body wanted and needed. What my body was saying to me. I now listen carefully.

    I'm unable to do much on any given day and so I dole out my tasks. You have only the weekend now and so you needed to accomplish a lot. But it sounds as if you paced yourself. What a wise woman you are.


  4. Golly, what a marathon . Kids are impossible, they just leave mum with everything to sort out. One of these days they'll have kids themselves and then they'll know what it feels like. You have the patience and kindness of a saint.

    I'm glad that the work left you none the worse for wear!

  5. Wow! I love getting projects done. I wonder if they look worse than better before they are finished so we can feel more of an accomplishment? hmm...
    Congrats on feeling better, you've worked hard on that recovery.

  6. Congratulations! Cleaning the garage is not my favorite task, but I also believe that driving into a clean, organized space sets a good tone for the entry into the home!

  7. It's nice to knock off those "don't really want to do, but must do" chores! Glad that knee is working and healed. Fall is a great time to redo and clear out.


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