Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Official, I'm Old

Well, it's official, I'm certifiably old.  I've been fighting it for months, but I finally gave in to the inevitable.  I have known for some time that I'm a little hard of hearing.  My husband is good natured about it, but I am continually asking, "Could you please turn the volume up a bit?"  I truly wanted to believe that he was just messing with me, and that he was just pretending to hear the whispering coming from the TV.

I really, really didn't want to go here.  I half-heartedly "tried" wearing hearing aids last spring, but mostly, they just bugged me.  I felt like they amplified everything, and I was driven to distraction with all the paper rustling and pen top popping.  After a couple of weeks, I took them back and sweetly said, "Thanks, but no thanks!" I thought that would be the end of the matter.

But, this year, it's more apparent than ever before.  When I caught myself repeatedly asking students to "Speak up, please" or "Tell me again" or "I'm sorry, I didn't hear that" it started getting old, even to me. And it was happening every day; a lot of times every day.  It was time to face facts.

So, I made the call, and plunked down the money, and I'm wearing hearing aids.  Sheesh, I don't have a single blood relative that wears hearing aids, and I can't believe that this has happening to me.  It certainly doesn't run in the family.  Even my really old relatives don't wear hearing aids! Dentures, yes, but hearing aids, not a deaf ear among them! (Thank God I don't have dentures . . . yet!)

Right now I'm attempting to reconcile myself to the new me.  Today, they were sort of "ok". They didn't bug me overmuch, and I don't think I asked as many kids to repeat themselves as I usually do.  I did notice that during conferences, I actually heard pretty much everything the family members said, which isn't the case for the conferences I held earlier in the week!  Well, except for the Spanish parts.  I sort of heard it; I just didn't really understand much of it!

I'm thinking I'm going to need a new 'do.  I always push my hair behind my ears, and even though the tubes are pretty tiny, I can see those things and I want some coverage now!  I guess perhaps I'm a little vain about this whole situation, but I am what I am.  Today I managed to use clips and a little dramatic drape to conceal the evidence, however, I'm a "wash and wear hair" kind of old lady, with no desire for all this messing around every morning.

Big Sigh! It's probably going to take some time getting used to having things in my ears.  I guess, as I begin to notice what I've been missing, I might feel a bit more reconciled to this new situation.  I can only hope!


  1. I felt much the same when I first started wearing reading glasses and now need glasses to see everything! For gardening, vacuuming, cleaning surfaces, preparing meals. I now wear trifocals. They have made a big difference, so I know you will find your hearing aids benefit more than annoy as soon as you get accustomed to wearing them. At least you have a good sense of humour about it all :)

  2. Yes, it's time for a new "do." You might treat yourself to a stylist and ask for ideas. But heck, many people wear hearing aids, and it doesn't have to be because you're old. Did you go to lots of concerts and make your ears bleed when you were young? I know I did! :-)

  3. Age is inevitable. I know different body parts are telling me this.

    Irish wisdom:

    Sean met Old Man Murphy by the pub, as Murphy walked by with his cane.
    "How are ye doing, there, Murphy?"
    "Still above the sod, thanks be to God."
    "Well, where else would ye be, Murphy?"
    "Pushing up the grass, ye idjit!"

  4. You'll soon enough get used to them, I know lots of people who wear hearing aids and I don't realise until they talk about them.
    Just think, you'll actually be able to 'switch off' people you don't want to hear.

  5. I have a coworker in her early 40's who's been wearing hearing aids for a long time only I didn't even know're not old, you're just having an issue hearing. If people wear glasses that doesn't make them old. We are so lucky to live in this day and age and can have so many devices that make our lives better. So smile and go watch TV without the volume blasting! Have a great weekend!

  6. My husband and I are also losing some of our hearing. It is keeping our marriange together.

  7. I think my son could use a set...hmmm, maybe it's just selective?

    No big deal, much rather have hearing aids than something worse. I might have to get a set in a few years, I ask those same questions of my students often too.

  8. Hey that doesn't make you old. There are kids with those things, tools to better yourself is more like it. My eyes have been terrible for years but I don't see it as an age thing.


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