Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Rest of the Story . . .

The rest of the story . . .

Just after I finished downloading the photo in my last post, Jess wandered out into the living room and sleepily asked, "Do you want to still go for a hike?"

Trying hard not to be too excited, I said, "Are you sure?  Do we have time before you are meeting Emily for lunch?"

She assured me that she would have time, so we started getting ourselves ready to go.  Then Kailyn popped up on Skype, looking happier than she has in days, telling us that she was packing to move in with her "French family".  She didn't have a lot of time to chat either, and I needed to eat something for breakfast, so the girls chatted while I ate.  Kailyn asked us to get back online later, around noon, and the girls signed off.

I wandered around looking for David to tell him Jess and I were driving out to Round Lake, and found him in the garage taking the pantry shelves apart.  I questioned the wisdom of that, as I didn't want him to further injure himself, but he assured me he was going slow and not in pain.  Jess and I hopped in the car and took off.

The sun was shining!  I was on my way to hike with Jess!  Kailyn was happy to be moving in with a family and not be so alone!  David was working on the shelves!  In the space of less than 30 minutes my Saturday turned from misery to magnificent!

With my trusty cane, just in case, on the baby "dam"

view from the baby "dam"

Round Lake reflecting the sky

The "lower" path around the lake

More of Round Lake

It doesn't look so steep, but I was thrilled to be able to "hike" up!

One of my favorite trees, but the photo doesn't do it justice.  It's covered with moss and so craggy and beautiful.

Partial map of the route we took, but doesn't show the more varied trails and waterfalls
It took us 40 minutes to hike the lower trail around the lake, about as long as it used to take when the girls were toddlers!  Once they were older, we usually took one of many of the higher trails, leading to either the lily fields or one of the falls.  Still, I was in heaven, and only used the cane on the more steep up and down hill sections.  I was energized by physically being able to achieve something I had longed to do over the summer.  

Once we were home, we skyped with Kailyn and got further information about her move into her French family's home.  She has missed "family" and been sadder than she was letting on.  This will be perfect for her.  The mom wants to improve her English, and the boys will help Kailyn improve her French.  They had asked Kailyn if she wanted to live with them when they first met, a few weeks ago.  As she found herself more homesick and sad, she decided to broach the subject again with them, and they were thrilled.  

She will be paying them her food stipend, which is more than they are asking of her.  In return, she will have her own bedroom, and family meals for breakfast and dinner.  She also will have access to a washing machine!  And heat!  And wireless internet!  Knowing her, she will be helpful and they will not want her to leave!

Oh, and when Jess and I arrived back home, David was just finishing the shelves.  I had a hard time pushing and hammering in the little pegs to hold the shelves, so he found a drill bit that fit perfectly, and I had a little fun pre-drilling the holes.  I got most of the pantry stuff back and will finish today after church.

Life is really good!  I am a little ashamed at how whiny I was yesterday, but reminded again to be grateful for my family, and simple pleasures.


  1. Dear Sandi, All I can think of with regard to your day yesterday is what I have said so often in my postings and comments. It is my favorite Julian of Norwich quotation: "And all shall be well. And all shall be well. And all manner of things shall be exceedingly well."

    Your story is proof of this!

    Thank you for sharing it and the lovely photographs.


  2. What a lovely day you must have had, especially having the shelves done. David sounds like a really good guy.

    Not to worry about being whiny. We have all earned that once in a while.

  3. What a beautiful lake view. I wish I got to hike with you there. I can see why you missed it over the summer. There is something about nature that just sings to my soul.

    I hope your daughter enjoys her French family.

  4. Hi Sandi! Well, I am thrilled I got to read this post first, having not been around for a while. It has been wonderful hearing so much happy and good news and I am so glad to know you are feeling much more optimistic and cheerful. I loved seeing each of the pictures you have shared. Such a perfect place to be able to visit and have ones balance restored! Nature is marvellous that way! I think you did amazingly well on your hike and it will get easier each time. Such good news about Kailyn, too! I know you will rest a lot easier knowing she is happier and the arrangement certainly sounds ideal for now.

  5. I am so glad whenever I hear you are getting around much better, it's all falling into place. What an "up" post! Yayy!

  6. Yay! This is so affirming. Far from doing something shameful, in your previous post, you sat down and consciously tried to find something to be grateful for and it panned out, didn't it! I have learned that the places I try to expend my energy end up paying me back.

    Glad your day turned out well.

  7. I had a few posts to catch up on and I felt so bad about the pantry and your daughter...then bam! Everything came out good in the end..and some beautiful pics too...the lake is really pretty and I bet just being able to navigate it, when this past summer that seemed like an impossibility, made your weekend. Glad all is well and the this cloud had many silver linings!

  8. There you are, it's all working out.

    I am glad you've been able to do a walk in beautiful scenery, without any mishap, I hope.

  9. Hi Sandi Thanks for visiting my blog. It has done me good to read yours today. A trouble shared is a trouble halved I think and we all have times when we are overwhelmed by how fragile life feels. It's often the small things that bring that home. Right now I have a pregnant daughter 250 miles away in hospital for observation, with high blood pressure. It's hard being so far away. Hopefully today's news will be better.

  10. Hiking is so rejuvenating. Even with a cane, if needed.

  11. So glad you had this glorious day. Love the pictures and the feeling of happiness that radiates from the screen.

  12. I re-visited your blog, and spent time gazing at those awesome photos. The Northwest must be amazing. I miss the color 'green' as it is in your part of the country. We are more burnt grass brown, than vivid green in San Diego county.

  13. What a wonderful day you've had! And your pictures are beautiful!


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