Friday, July 27, 2012

Farm Sunday

Last Sunday I asked Kailyn if she wanted to take a little drive.  I'd been reading in an Old Stuff magazine about an antique sale that was ending on Sunday.  The address was Kelso, so I figured it couldn't be much more than about 40 miles or so from home . . . a nice Sunday drive!

We hopped in the car and she plugged the address into the iPad and away we went.  It turned out to be a bit further than I had expected,  as we left the freeway and were following signs down scenic country roads and turned onto a dead end road.  We saw this sort of hodge podge of stuff as we bumped across a big field and came to a stop. It was worth every minute of the drive.

There were lots of antiques and "vintage" garden art scattered around, some in little old buildings, some under a covered area.  I found a couple of things I felt I had to have, one being this beautiful old washbowl . . .

 . . . which has a Johnson Bros. England stamp on the back.  It's very big and deep. Originally I was going to use it for a birdbath, but now I'm not so sure.  I don't want to ruin it, as it's in nice condition.

Another treasure was this sweet little bowl from Japan.  I have a few pieces but none quite like this one. It's a little bigger than a teacup, and I'm not certain what it's purpose was.  But, it goes in my kitchen, so I bought it.  Besides, it was only $4!

I bought one more treasure, but I won't post a picture yet, as it's a gift.  If life would have worked out as planned, I would have already given it away, but this week went a little amuck. More on that later!

As we wandered the shop, we couldn't help noticing that this was a very special place.  I asked the owner if we might peek inside this adorable play house and she said that the grounds were open, and we could look wherever we wished!

So, we went inside and I just wanted to stay and play!
The kitchen was a little girl's dream!

I especially loved this piece.  There was also a darling little ironing board and iron.
Can you believe this miniature pay phone!  The little house also had electricity.  
The beautiful garden was well protected by this gentleman!

The lush greenery and flowers were a haven for the birds and the bees!
I asked Kailyn to pose in front of the garden shed.
Inside the garden shed . . .  

Inside the chicken coop.  
We got a kick out of watching the chickens and cows.
Doesn't this look like the perfect place to sit a spell?

There are many more pictures that didn't make it into this blog.  As we were paying for our purchases, I asked the owner about the place.  She told me they had been there over 25 years, since they married.  She is the gardener, and her husband enjoys building and decorating with their treasures and findings.  The prices were amazingly good, considering it was certainly off the beaten path.  I plan to return and take my friends with me!

As for my crazy week, here's a bit of what has happened.  My friend Deb and I had planned weeks ago on a little beach antiquing trip, and we were supposed to leave Wednesday morning.  I've been really looking forward to spending time with her, and I could hardly wait to get our mini adventure started.

However, my husband and I learned that his oldest and dearest friend, Dave, was diagnosed with another brain tumor, (they found the first one a year ago) but this one was on the other side.  He has glioblastoma, a pretty deadly brain cancer, and the surgeon wanted to operate as soon as possible.  It had grown to the size of a walnut in less than a month and was in the speech area of the brain. Our friend and his wife (my good friend, too) were told to meet with their pastor and prepare for the worst.  My husband rarely breaks down, but did after talking with them on Monday.  I decided I needed to stay here and support my husband and friend during the surgery, instead of going with Deb, as the surgery was scheduled for Wednesday morning.  

It was the right thing to do, although it was one very long day.  The good news is that the surgery went well, the tumor was removed, and amazingly, our friend is already home from the hospital!  It was all pretty scary, as we were with them when the doctor told them (prior to the surgery) that there was a real possibility that his speech would be affected.  After the surgery, he was in recovery for a couple hours. We waited until he was in ICU and took turns going in to visit for a short time.  I didn't cry in his room, but I couldn't help the tears when I got back to the waiting room.  We were all hugging and crying. Dave was talking coherently, and even joking, despite being in pain.

Surprisingly, the doctor had told us right after surgery that Dave would stay in ICU for two days, and then it would be about six more days until he would be able to go home.  I guess there are numerous neurological exercises or tests he needs to pass, as well as physical things.  He passed with flying colors, days ahead of expectations.  Pretty powerful!  Of course, the battle isn't won, as he starts radiation in eight days, and then there will be chemo again.  But, we are all grateful for more time to spend with Dave.  He's a pretty special guy!

Finally, last Sunday at church, there was an urgent notice in the bulletin that a lead cook was needed for the middle school Bike Hike.  Guess who volunteered?  I think I'm a little bit crazy, as this is a camping trip and I pretty much dislike camping and dirt!  But, Kailyn offered to go along as my assistant, and I decided it might be fun.  There's a ton of preparation to be done, but once there, except for cooking, it shouldn't be too bad!!  We're going to Farragut State Park in Idaho, and I checked it out.  It's gorgeous, and I'm hoping Kailyn and I will get a couple nice hikes in when we're not prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning up!  Today I baked up three double batches of brownies and wrapped them individually for one of the desserts.  Tomorrow we meet at church for packing in the morning, and we head out after lunch on Sunday.  

I know I'm a little crazy, but I'm looking forward to this "working vacation".  I may not like camping, but I love nature, so it will be good.  (I'm having my husband take the seats out of my van, and I'm putting a blow up mattress in it for me to sleep on.  I am not sleeping in a tent on the ground!) I checked the weather and it's high 70's - low 80's and 0% chance of rain for the next ten days.  It's going to be great!  

Deb and I rescheduled for the following week, so we'll still have our trip to look forward to. 

Life is pretty darn good right now!


  1. Wow - what an incredible place! I'm thinking Deb would be in Heaven there. I hope you two have a fabulous trip to the coast and I'm pleased your friend is doing so well. Your thirst for adventure leaves me awestruck - the camping trip sounds fun and crazy. You go, girl!

  2. What a wonderful place you discovered. I know that I would love to visit there.

    I am so sorry about your friend. It seems like cancer has become like the black plague lately as so many people have come down with one form or another. Within two days this week I have heard of two acquaintances who are battling lung cancer. I have two family members who are also fighting for their lives and are going through so much agony with chemo. The good news is that I have dear friends that are also long term survivors, so it gives hope that this can be beat. I hope your friend is one of them.

    Enjoy your camping trip and you are doing the right thing by sleeping in your van.

  3. I hope your friend is doing good at home. I think you are a wonderful friend to be so supportive to him and his family. I love that little gem you found! What a great place to hunt for treasures and enjoy all those lovely gardens. I bet it will look awesome in fall! Have a fun camping/cooking trip. I love to cook but I'm not sure if I could take on a challenge like that one...good luck and enjoy the week!

  4. What a wonderful outcome for that brain surgery. I do hope he will be recovering and staying around in good shape for a long time to come. You are brave and courageous to be a cook for that camping trip. At least you will have some help... everybody is going to benefit, including you! I look forward to the description of your adventure, Sandi! :-)

  5. What an awesome place to visit! you got some good buys and the photos are great.

    I am glad your friend came through the surgery well.

  6. That is an awesome treasure place. I'm glad your friend is recovering well. I hope he continues in such a way.

    That camp cook thing is going to be an adventure.

  7. I loved the wonderful, off the road place you found! I would be in seventh heaven there. Your treasures look pretty awesome also.

    Good news on the friend's surgery is great to hear. I hope he continues to do well.

    Finally, you will love the trip. That part of the country is just beautiful. You will have a great time. It is great to read you are being so adventuresome.

  8. That little place looks amazing. Maybe that needs to be the first stop on our rescheduled adventure?

    I love the ending of the hospital day story. Even though the ultimate outcome hasn't changed, more time is now available, and it sure sounds like your friend is a person who will make the best use of every minute he has left. Which a huge inspiration.

    Have fun in Idaho! You'll be very very close to my old stomping grounds.

  9. Yes, I must admit I wept when I read about your friend's recovery from surgery. I hope he has a long life ahead! Enjoy your camping trip. And that antique show was beautiful. Happy to see your photos.

  10. Wow Sandi I wish I was with you on that first shopping trip. What a neat place and some pretty finds!
    I do hope your friend Dave recovers well and tolerates the Chemo. My prayers go out to him.
    Have fun on your camp out. The weather sounds good and even though it's a working trip, i think you'll have fun too!
    Love Di ♥

  11. Dear Sandi, I found this posting so appealing. First of all, the farm you visited seemed to have treasure--of garden, house, and beauty--everywhere you looked. And then there is Dave's story, which started in such an ominous way but then came the glory of his getting out of the hospital early. And you didn't say, but I assumed that perhaps his speech hadn't been affected. And finally, we have you headed off to Idaho to be the cook! And taking your brownies--I bet everyone chows down on them--with you! What a life! Peace.

  12. Wow Sandi, you are doing and experiencing so much! Some exhausting emotional stuff in there also, but so very glad your friend came through his surgery - now for the physical challenge of your camp - I'm sure you and Kailyn will do an excellent job - I think it's so wonderful that you are up for the challenge! Have a great time.

  13. What a wonderful adventure! You did a great thing and I know you probably made friends for life!
    Blessings, Joanne


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