Friday, July 13, 2012

Back in the Groove

I've officially been home a week, although the first two days were pretty much a blur!  I sort of gave myself last weekend "off" and got back into my groove on Monday by heading to the pool for the 6 AM water aerobics class.  It felt great to be in the water again, and it was fun to catch up with my "pool pals".  The rest of the day it seems was spent in dealing with a flight snafu that Jessica discovered on her return to the U.S. next week.  As the airlines was in a time zone that was 9 hours ahead of us, it took awhile, but eventually we connected and were able to cancel that flight, and rebook another one.

Kailyn and Nick decided to hike Dog Mountain trail, a rather challenging hike in the Columbia River Gorge, and agreed to take Nikki with them.
Nikki in Kailyn's car, not taking any chances of anyone changing their mind about her going along!
They didn't get home until about 7 PM, and Nikki was still smiling, although she was "dog tired" after hiking the 7+ mile loop that included serious elevation!

Tuesday I met a couple of my teaching friends to walk along the Columbia River at 8 AM, which again was a catch up time and the usual gossip about teachers leaving and changes coming in the fall. We've decided to meet every Tuesday, same time and place, and it's great to have that to look forward to. We all were wearing pedometers, and each had slightly different counts, but it was agreed that we walked nearly 3 miles.  After my strenuous vacation, those three miles were a "cake walk" for me! That evening our house sitter's came by to pick up some forgotten clothing, and solve the mystery of my missing laundry baskets!  (Although, the baskets have yet to be returned; I am still "missing" them!)

I slept awful that night, awake more than I was asleep it seemed, and got up about 4:15 on Wednesday.  As I was wide awake and ready, I headed back to the pool.  My friends were happy to see me twice in one week, (I haven't been too regular for quite a few months!) which encouraged me.

Kailyn and I had picked up some strawberries Tuesday afternoon, so I proceeded to wash and prep them for strawberry jam when I got home from the pool.  Kailyn was soon awake and between the two of us, we made two batches.  It was great to have Kailyn helping stir the jam while it cooked, as I always think that is the tiring part.  We followed two different recipes, with the first one just boiling for one minute, and the second for four minutes. I rarely eat jam, but I had to have the traditional piece of toast with fresh jam after we filled the jars! We both agreed; the jam cooked for four minutes was much tastier!  Now there will be jam to take to college again.

I've been picking raspberries and popping them in the freezer until I get enough to make some raspberry jam.  That will happen next week!  The girls are so excited to have homemade jam again, as I haven't made jam in several years!

Later on Wednesday, I got my hair cut.  I went back to wearing bangs, and I think it makes me look younger . . . maybe?  I took my own photo . . . I don't know how to do that very well!

Wednesday afternoon I also broke down and made the call to order my CPAP machine.  I have been dragging my feet; I just dread being anchored to a machine all night.  However, I do not want to be dependent on sleep medication for the rest of my life, and when I don't take anything, I don't sleep well.  While it's easier to just pop a pill, it isn't changing the fact that I snore like a logger and have sleep apnea.  So, I made the call.  I should get a call back in two days for my appointment to pick up the machine, choose my mask, and learn how to set it up on my own.  UGH!

We've had what I consider perfect weather since we've been home.  It's overcast and cool in the morning, and warm (80-85 degrees) in the afternoon.  Kailyn and I took a little hike out around our favorite local lake, Round Lake, on Thursday afternoon.  It isn't far, just a little over one mile when you do the "short" loop, but there are a couple steep spots.  I forgot my hiking poles; had to rest twice after the steep places, but did pretty good.  As it's shaded by big fir and cedar trees, it's a pleasant walk.

This morning I got up at 5:15, as usual, and returned to the pool.  It was a fairly small group today, but we had one of my favorite instructors, Cindy, and I got a great workout.  I feel energized and ready for the day!

Who knows what today will bring?  I'm back in the summer vacation groove, and I'm loving every minute of it!

PS ~ I do plan to go back and hit a few highlights of the European Vacation over the course of the summer.  The problem is that I have thousands of photos to sort through, from all four cameras!  I'm saving that for a rainy day, which I'm sure will arrive soon!  I live in the Pacific Northwest . . . it's rare we have a week or so without rain!!


  1. How nice to live near so many great hiking places. My 2nd son and his family are moving from Michigan to Portland, Ore. at the end of the summer. He took a new job and since my DIL is from Washington St. and her brother and his family live in Seattle she's really happy about the not so much! But it will give me the opportunity to visit a state I haven't been to and maybe hike some cool places like you! I'm glad that knee isn't stopping you from enjoying your life and hopefully it's so improved that it made it possible for you to really do all that walking in Europe. I'm looking forward to more posts about that trip..enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. I think you look very pretty with the new hairdo!!

    Good luck with the c-pap. Mine was delivered to me, set up, and I was shown how to use it and take care of it. Have distilled water on hand and baby shampoo to wash the parts in.
    I hope it all goes well for you. I have gotten used to it and just grin and bear it. Well, maybe not grin. lol

  3. Sounds like you are over the jet lag, energized, and ready to try c-pap, too. You'll have even more energy from what I've heard if that works well for you. Welcome home! :)

  4. Great to see your cheeky smiling face Sandi with that great haircut. What a happy healthy household all raring to go -including the dog! I am finally feeling better after some ill health and walking is on top of my list. So wonderful to get out into the fresh air. Can't wait to see pics of your walks - both locally and overseas.

  5. Keep up the pace of your exercise and you will feel so good about yourself. I find that it not only is good for my body, but also my mind.

    BTW, the bangs reek great!

  6. I am so glad to hear how well the exercise is going, Sandi! You are almost completely recovered from the new knee, it seems. I keep my hiking poles in the car, that way they are always there when I need them. I too look forward to the vacation pictures, but there's no hurry; as you said we should have plenty of rainy days for that activity! :-)

  7. Oh Sandi we are still waiting for rain. Most of the counties in our area have been declared disaster areas because of the drought. The corn crops are all but dead now. Wish we could have some of your rain!
    I look forward to seeing your photos, I'm surprised that you are so full of energy after that trip. I was wondering about jet lag! It sounds like the trip energized you, that's great!! Love Di ♥

  8. It sounds like you've definitely got your groove back, and that you're having a great summer still.

    I finally finished sorting our pictures this morning, trimming over 1700 to just over 1100 and doing all the adjusting and organizing that needed to be done. It has been fun to revisit our travels while doing that.

    So looking forward to my next adventure (which involves you!).

    I just walked Round Lake yesterday with Lisa, after we did the Renaissance Trail. My first time - so gorgeous.

    Where are your laundry baskets?

  9. looks like there's no end to your energy!
    In spite of the very energetic European holiday you are at it again like there's no tomorrow!

  10. You really are back in the groove. I wish I had your discipline.

    Love the bangs.

    CPAP machines aren't all that bad. I am grateful for mine. I now sleep all night, and I don't ever need sleep meds. I don't feel hooked to it, but sometimes when I first go to bed it does seem cumbersome until I am soon asleep. Work with the experts on this. They want you to be successful. Make sure you have the mask that works for you.

  11. Hey Sandi! How are you doing?
    What a lovely cute smile you got :)
    Your hair look nice, and you full of energy...
    Joining u on your blog..

    Do visit my blogs in your spare time.

  12. Keep staying active! Enjoy the rest of your summer, Sandi - I like the bangs.

  13. Dear Sandi, I so enjoyed this posting about all the wonderful things you are doing for yourself: walking, swimming, make jam with your daughters, visiting with friends, and ordering that machine, which, we all hope, will help you sleep better without the apnea. What a model you are to me. Peace.


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