Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quilt Happy

Today was one of those rare days.  The kind of day that sweetly unfolds, and wraps you up in love.  We left home early to drive to our oldest "couple friends" in Sherwood. After arriving at their house, Dave and Dave loaded up Jen's sewing machine, fabric and quilting paraphernalia into our van, then she and I took off for Carlton.

For five bucks and the cost of a shared snack, we had the luxury of spending about six hours with five other women, cutting, sewing and pressing our little hearts out.  It was a heavenly day, surrounded by fabrics in a dizzying array of colors, textures and patterns. There were frequent oohs and aahs over someone's shared accomplishment, whether a piece, a block or a completed quilt.  Despite the chatter and breaks for snacks and shopping in the nearby shop, I surprised myself by managing to complete a quilt top for a friend's soon-to-arrive baby.

The shop was situated on the top of a series of rolling hills, and the view of farms and vineyards cascading across the fields was breathtaking.  I wanted to stay there forever. It was soothing to hang out with Jen, catching up on our lives since our last chat a few months ago. It was so good for my soul to hang out with an old friend who loves unconditionally, knows my history and finishes my sentences exactly the way I would have myself.

We topped the day off at a favorite restaurant, laughing over stories of common friends, (the "boys" spent part of their day calling some of their old cronies and planning a day trip in June to reunite) our children's escapades and a collective yearning for retirement. As Dave and I drove home later, we both felt the satisfaction and serenity that accompany time spent with friends that are closer than family.

 There were dozens of important things I perhaps could have or should have been doing today, but I'm glad I made the decision to spend the day quilt happy with an old friend.

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  1. This sounds like a perfect day in every possible way. I'm so glad you gave yourself the gift of it. I would say there was absolutely nothing more important than how you chose to spend the day.


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