Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lost and Found

I'm so happy! I found no only my lost earring, but two other "halves" that I thought were lost forever. Turns out I had put them all in my "Christmas" earring box, probably in a flurry of hurry-up-quick dresser clean off just before my birthday party! I'm so excited!

So far this morning, I've also found several items that I have been tucking away, in the idea that I'd eventually have some sort of "grouping" of old toys I've bought or found over the years. I've now created a couple of "waiting for grandchildren" shelves in the family room, filled with all these cute things I just love. I've been collecting child size kitchen items, mostly with red handles, and discovered I have a few duplicates (two child lefse rolling pins and egg beaters; obviously forgot I already had one of those earlier!). I recently got a darling little muffin tin, several cookie cutters and a loaf pan to add to the collection. I already had numerous red handled stirring spoons and such, then found a cute little old bowl that I think was meant to be a custard dish, but has red flowers and trim and the utensils fit perfectly. Then, I dug out a tea set that was my mom's, which has been stored under my wardrobe closet for about 10 years, and set it up. Gosh, it all looks so darn cute! Then I decided to move my toy sewing machine collection onto one of the shelves and it's pretty sweet, too.

It makes me happy (gee, that's twice today!) however, I also got dizzy and decided to stop and just write for joy while my dizziness subsides. Also having another glass of water and a banana, as the facilities are calling me . . .

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  1. I am in awe of all you've accomplished in this time at home. I love your cute shelf, and know exactly how thrilled you are to have found the earrings. With all of this new cuteness, I'm assuming you'll need new treasures to fill in gaps. :-)

    I love that you're writing to me (in part) as your audience. Any time you're ready for more audience, let me know and I'll do a link to your blog from mine. Your blog is wonderful to read - not artificial at all. Full of your spirit and hope and insights. I'd enjoy being here even if I didn't love you like a sister.


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