Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just Another Day - Mostly

Ok, I'm kind of getting tired of it all. Woke this morning with my eye crusty, so must continue the antibiotic . . . not a pleasant thought since that means numerous visits to the facilities again today. As I've already made more than I had at this time yesterday, I'm a bit worried.

I want to spend more than 20 minutes outside the bathroom, just a simple request. But, it's looking like a repeat of the past two days, with one exception. Kailyn just called and she's driving home for a quick overnight visit. She's bringing a friend to Vancouver, and will spend the night, then drive them both back. At least there will be some brightness for the day, and maybe, I will be better and we can take a short walk tomorrow. I can only hope!

She had planned to surprise us, then decided she'd better call to be sure we were home. No worries about that! It will be fun to chat at least, maybe watch a movie tonight.

I"ve been thinking a lot about this blogging business. It seems sort of artificial, as in my mind I'm writing to cyberspace, and it is boring to me. So, last night while I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner (I cooked; that's two days in a row!) I thought about the people who may be reading this. I only know of two: my daughter Jessica and my dear friend Deb. So, then I kind of thought about just writing to one of them instead of cyberspace. Maybe it will feel less stilted and foreign. Alas, it will likely get a bit more chaotic, as that is who I am in real time.

Being sick has been good for my ADD. I have been much more focused when puttering, well, sort of. I have completed numerous tasks over the past two days, not big ones, but still, finished them, which is not my norm. I usually have about ten-twenty tasks going on at once, hence the chaos.

I am totally caught up on laundry, a rare experience. I completely cleaned both bathrooms, floor to ceiling, as I was in there anyway! (insert one of those smily faces with the unsure smile) I not only took an antique coffee grinder apart, and cleaned it's parts with steel wool, but I also put it back together! Now, that is amazing! I wanted to actually use it, but it's just too far gone, still a nice antique-y sort of item.

And, the big one, I cleaned off the clutter on my dresser. I suffer from a very bad habit of not replacing my earrings on my holder, but dumping them in a pile in the middle of my dresser . . . not a good thing. This time, I sadly discovered that I am missing one-half of my favorite blue earrings that Kailyn made me years ago. Probably one of the first pairs she made. I'll have to confess, so that hopefully she can replicate it while she is home. I may still find it, but it's doubtful, as I thoroughly searched my drawers, and the floor. (The only time I get on my knees is to search for fallen earrings, my apologies to God, but I know He understands. It hurts something fierce to get on my knees!)

I've also kept up on the general clutter that accumulates in the house. And, cleared out the dreaded dark hole cupboard and the appliance garage and the leftover container drawer. That task took over much of yesterday, and gave me the greatest sense of satisfaction. I love things orderly and findable!

So, despite the fact that I'm homebound one more day, I'm sort of looking forward to what I will manage to accomplish. First on the list will be returning various items to the shelves in the family room, that were cleared at Christmas for the Snow Village houses. Then, I really want to install the new printer! That should keep me busy for the next few hours.

While it is "just another day" it is my day, and I like that!

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