Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where I Am From

I am from the Mayflower,
surveyor's chains,
printing press ink,
a ditch diggers shovel,
a treadle sewing machine.

I am from tuna sandwiches
with pickles and potato chips
From grandma's flower garden
of snapdragons, hen and chicks
From Hide and Go Seek, and
Kick the Can, and Red Rover, Red Rover
From laurel bush forts
and baseball in the street.

I'm from a hundred year old beach house,
the old Sid's Market,
the ferry to Astoria,
and Grays River stories

I am from Willie and Alta,
the big barn on the hill
Imogene and Ed,
the house on Maple
Ethel and Kenneth,
Sunday dinners and Sunday drives
Pepper and Carmelita,
beginning and too soon end.

I am from VW bug, and classic cars,
50 Plymouth, Studebaker Starliner,
Honda, Harley, Camry
to a Sienna???

I am from berry and bean fields,
apple and pear orchards,
hiking the Grand Canyon.

I am from moving every couple years,
to staying put over twenty,
how did that happen?

I am from always running, never still,
to never running, always still
from doing to watching
from wishing to being
from dreams to reality

I am from the depths of despair
to the heights of recovery
from sorrow and grief
to faith and belief
from knowing it all
to realizing how little I know
from wanting more
to being grateful

I am from laughter and love
goodness and grace
passion and perseverance
honor and honesty

I am from a mother and son
who die at thirty
to a woman who has doubled
both of their lives.

I am from all who have gone before me
preparing the way for those who follow
weaving myself into the
living breathing tapestry
of those I love


  1. Mama I love it! It's a beautiful piece, so much of who you are, and how you have influenced me. I also, from all of these things. I love you so much!

  2. I love this poem, have taught it, and especially like getting to know you through it.


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