Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is coming up, and this weekend Jessica sort of re-announced that she wants us to come to Bellingham for dinner.  Originally, I thought it would be a good idea, especially if she was working. But, now it's what she wants, even if she isn't working.  And I'm filled with all kinds of mixed emotions about the venture.

I've always had Thanksgiving at my house, for nearly every one of the past 40+ years! Here and there, we would go to someone else's house, but rarely.  I like getting up early, preparing the stuffing, baking pies and rolls; the steamy kitchen.  I love the smells, and the gathering of those I love around the groaning table, and the moments before we eat when I look at each face and am overwhelmed with thankfulness.

And last year was one of the best.  Both girls were home, and there was arguing over who would bake the pies, and make the rolls, and it was so chaos in the kitchen Babbittville. Amazingly, both helped with cleanup, and it was a very good day. I was so thankful for my beautiful, talented, creative daughters.

So, I'm thinking about the girls, growing up, being college students, both following in their mother's floury footsteps.  It is right that Jess wants to hostess Thanksgiving.  She's loves to cook, and I think she likes the idea of being in charge for a change. I've no doubt Kailyn will contribute by bringing one of her  yummy pies, or delicious homemade rolls.

Home for Thanksgiving doesn't need to be within the four walls where we've raised the family.  Home is where the family happens to be.

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  1. And yours have flown the nest. Isn't it lovely that they want to include you in the skies of their new lives. Have the happiest of family days. Love to you all.


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