Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Babbitt's Abroad

 We are attempting to acclimate ourselves to English culture!  I could listen to people talk all day long (oh, I have been!).  We're getting used to "electricity cards" once we figured them out at the first hotel! We knew the outlets would be different and brought adapters, but didn't realize there is an "on and off" switch as well.  There are no ice buckets in the rooms, or brewed coffee.  I've had to go to the bar (actually, I sent Kailyn) every night to get ice in order to ice my knee . . . which has been screaming due to the miles and miles we're walking every day!  But, how can we just hole up in the motel??

Our arrival in Manchester England was stressful.  We were to meet the girls at the airport in baggage, but they hadn't arrived after quite awhile, so we began looking for them.  There were three terminals; we landed in Terminal 2, and after some searching for signs, we spoke to an employee to discover that the girls would have landed in Terminal 3.  "It's a bit of a walk, but you head this direction (pointing down a hallway)."

After dragging my heavy suitcase, carrying my red bag and loaded with my backpack, I was seriously complaining after 20 minutes or so and just signs with no hint of how far away Terminal 3 was.  Everyone else seemed to be coming from somewhere, towards us, so we thought we were probably on the right track, but who knew?  Finally, we came to an elevator, which told us the terminal was below. (or maybe it was above, I can't honestly remember!)  We got in the elevator and when the doors opened, there were the girls! It was a joyful reunion shortened by my keen desire to get out of the Manchester Airport.

I had originally expected we would take a transporter bus into the town of Manchester, (about 8 miles), but when we asked, there wasn't one.  Our only hope was a taxi, which we ordered for 28 pounds, then proceeded "straight out that way" to find number 16.  Shortly we were told by number 26 that an error was made, and that he was our driver.  We crammed our four suitcases and bodies and multiple backpacks into a taxi about the size of a VW bug and away we went, quickly I might add.

As it was only about 9:30 in the morning, we couldn't check in to the MacDonald Hotel, but we were allowed to leave our bags and backpacks.  We were merely steps from Pickadilly train station, so we decided to find out if we could visit Liverpool.

We validated our Britrail passes (which turned out to be a fantastic way to see that part of England) and the courteous rail employee asked where we thought we might visit and found us the proper train tables.  In moments we were on our way to Liverpool!

We alighted from the train and purchased a map of Liverpool for one pound, and discovered the train station was a bit of a walk to many of the sights we hoped to see. We found the Cavern, and a young man offered to take our picture.

This was the original Cavern Club from early Beatles era, and after numerous steps down, David & I gave up and returned to the top.  The girls continued to the bottom.  It was dark, dank and they didn't choose to stay!  There is a "new" Cavern that is much different than where the Beatles got their start, and much more appealing to the masses!

We took hundreds of pictures, but wifi is super slow this morning (an improvement from non-existent previously!) so I'm going to stop now.  It's time to go find breakfast!


  1. Maybe if you got yourself a cane, then people would realize that you have a bum knee and would give you some assistance. Poor knee! I can almost hear it screaming all the way over on this side of the pond. I am looking forward to your adventures, Sandi! Take care of that knee, though.

  2. Love the pics so far. Have a wonderful time!!

  3. You look like you are super excited and having a good tine.

  4. I love your photos! Everyone looks so happy. What an adventure you are having so far. Lol. Keep posting!

  5. What a journey! And I could feel the pain in the knee all the way over here in Fargo...truth--well, that's because I twisted mine a couple days ago--LOL! The Cavern looks so creepy! I can imagine the teens finding this place that nobody else would want to go to. What an exciting trip! Can hardly wait to see and hear more of your adventures. And take care of that knee! ;)

  6. Jolly good show! Love the pics and all the smiles too. Your knee will adapt and after all that walking you might find it will be much better...well, I'm trying to be upbeat here! Have fun and tell Paul McCartney I said hi.

  7. Well that airport thing sounds so familiar. That you met on the elevator must have been sheer joy!
    Note in future if you want early access to a hotel room just request it when you book. There's a small fee but it can be worth it just to allow you to settle after the long flight.
    You ate looking great!

  8. DEar Sandi, I'm so excited for you and so happy that you are going to post about your trip. That one photograph of you on the train shows just how happy and joyful you are. Peace.


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