Friday, May 18, 2012

Sleep Study Results

I had my appointment with the "sleep doctor" today, and received the results from my sleep study a few weeks ago.

It turns out my husband wasn't kidding about my snoring.  In fact, I will never again complain about him wearing ear plugs at night.  All those years I thought he was just trying to get out of getting up with crying babies and barking dogs!

I need to nominate this poor man for sainthood!  My sleep study showed that I basically snore non-stop all night long. When I looked at the print out, it showed some areas that were solid with snoring.  Sheesh!

The doctor said that I just have a mild case of sleep apnea, although I woke on average about 13 times per hour.  My REM sleep was less than normal, probably due to frequent waking, I guess.

After much discussion, we decided that I will come in for another study next Friday night, and try using  a cpap machine to see if it relieves the snoring.  She said that is likely my biggest issue.

Of course, dropping some weight would probably help, although I remember my first husband telling me I snored (which I never believed!) and that was over 35 years ago, and I was a normal weight!

Anyway, I am so tired of being exhausted when I wake up that I'm willing to get hooked to a machine if it will help me sleep. The doctor said some folks find that using the machine gives them new energy, which leads to a desire to exercise and eventual weight loss.  That would be a nice bonus!

Mother's Day photo

We had such a lovely time last weekend.  Jessica and Brandon arrived right around lunch time on Saturday and we visited awhile before leaving for Powell's Book Store.  I found a driving map of France and a copy of Bill Bryson's Notes from a Small Island, which I've been wanting to read for ages!

Later, Jessica's best friend Elisa, and her husband Jeremiah, came over for barbecued salmon and burgers.  It was such a treat to hang out with the "kids" and catch up on their lives.  The two couples went out later, and I went to bed feeling satiated; joy filled, and fully blessed.

On Sunday, we all got up fairly early and I fixed breakfast while David and Brandon talked golf and the girls serenaded us . . . 

As we gathered around the table, I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  My girls were home, our first Mother's Day together in five years, and I truly felt all was right with my world.  We all enjoyed meeting Brandon and getting to know him.  He and Jess seem like a very good match.  Time will tell . . .

Just before Jessica and Brandon left, the girls gave me their gifts.  Jess wrote a beautiful poem "When I smell lilacs, I think of you", which made me alternately laugh out loud and cry. Kailyn gave me a darling homemade card and a book Jane Kirkpatrick wrote about Hulda Klager called, "Where Lilacs Still Bloom".  She knew I would love it!  Neither of them knew the other was doing something related to lilacs, and it was such a special bonus!

David, Kailyn and I left for church, and on the way, I decided I needed to have photos of each of the girls with the newest lilac I bought at Hulda Klager's. I called Jess and asked her if Brandon would take a picture for me.

Kailyn with our new little lilac!
Kailyn's car needed repair work, so I drove her back to school.  We both love road trips, no matter where we are going, so we had a nice long visit enroute to Central.  I didn't hang out very long, as I knew the return trip wouldn't be quite as pleasant.  It turned out I witnessed a gorgeous sunset just as I made the turn into the gorge. I had forgotten my camera at home, and attempted photos with my phone, but wasn't happy with them.

Surprisingly, the time passed quickly as I cheerfully traveled down the highway singing along with the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel.  Once I was home, I texted Kailyn to let her know, and was snug in my bed by 10:30!

What a lovely weekend!


  1. If that's mild sleep apnea I wonder what severe is? There are a few different surgeries that can be done to help with the snoring. Maybe he will suggest that after the next study. Your girls are so pretty and I think you look great. I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. Lilacs are a big fav around here. I also love the dwarf lilac called "Miss Kim"..they are soooo fragrant and they bloom later than the regular lilacs. Hope this weekend is as fun as the last one!

  2. snug in your bed by 10.30 and snoring?
    Poor man, I couldn't spend a single night with you without strangling you.

    Lucky you, to have two such lovely daughters and I am glad you had a wonderful day with them.

  3. Yes, I too would have moved into the next room long ago. I can't sleep when my guy snores. That's so funny to learn about yourself after all this time. You do have beautiful daughters, I know; I get to see one of them at the local bread store now and then! :-)

  4. Your daughters are beautiful and what lovely Mother's Day gifts they gave you. Just precious!

    I hate the thought of you having to do another sleep apnea test. I am finally used to the mask although the awaking feeling fresh and full of energy is yet to happen. ;-)

  5. Your sleep study results are very interesting. I'm surprised you only had a mild case of sleep apnea. I also had just a mild care, but my oxygen levels dropped considerably during the night. I was just telling my husband how much better I sleep with my CPAP machine. I go immediately to sleep and sleep through the night unless I am awakened by a hot flash. I am so grateful to have the machine.

    Your Mother's Day sounds perfect. I love the photos. Having your daughters home with you is THE perfect gift.

  6. I'm thankful for my cpap machine. Before being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I awoke exhausted and with horrible headaches. I still need a lot of sleep, but at least the headaches are gone.

  7. Hi Sandi, I'm catching up with you. Lovely girls - seems you had a perfect Mothers Day. I'm fascinated by your sleep study. Keep us informed.

  8. My husband's snoring drove me out of our bedroom. It was like WWiII in there. However, with my bad sinus condition, I probably snore at times also. Please keep us updated as you may help some of us other sleep-deprived people .

  9. Waking up 13 times an hour is MILD? That shocked me. I hope the test with the Cpap machine works well for you. Maybe it will stop the snoring, too.

    Your girls look lovely. What sweet gifts and a wonderful time together. I love road trips, too. Or used to. I don't travel well anymore at all and I miss them. My son and I used to have such a grand time cross country driving. Glad it was a great weekend. :)

  10. On a trip with my sister, she says I snore and have sleep apnea. Since my husband has used a CPAP for several years, I'll schedule a sleep test for myself soon.

  11. Glad you enjoyed Mother's Day. I hope you find a solution to your constant fatigue.

  12. Well I hope the CPAP helps your snoring Sandi. My husband snored so badly that I couldn't sleep at all but he didn't have sleep apnea. When he quit smoking the snoring stopped, weird right?
    Anyway what a great Mother's Day you had! You and your girls look so beautiful and happy. And you sound so excited about your upcoming trip. I can't wait for that,you have to take lots of photos for us.
    My daughter that lives in N.C. surprised me for Mother's Day. Just showed up at my door. It was the first Mother's Day in many years that we were all together! I just got through posting about it. It was the best one to date!!
    Good Luck on your next sleep test. Let us know what they say. Love Di ♥

  13. I hope your next test goes well so you can get some rest!

  14. Dear Sandi, your posting words make me think that you don't like the idea of snoring, but it's wonderful that you've discovered what might account for your lack of sleep and the consequent tiredness. I so look forward to learning what the next test will reveal.

    I'm glad for all the joy of your mother's day. Kailyn and Jessica are lovely daughters. And you? You are a loving and understanding and grateful mother. Truly beautiful. Peace.

  15. Good luck with the second sleep test Sandi- sounds like it is all going to help you in the long run ;-)

    Bill Bryson's book is hilarious (though the section on Manchester is nasty, and wrong!). Paul Theroux' 1982 book "Kingdom by the sea" is also a good British travelogue, from his travels in 1981.

    Chrissy from Manchester: a photo a day at Mancunian Wave

  16. Love the lilac photos!

    My husband uses the CPap machine, and it honestly has kept me from bludgeoning him many times. I know it will help you!

  17. Glad you had such a nice Mother's Day. My husband says I snore, but I don't believe him. But you should hear him sometimes. I've threatened to record him, but I haven't did it yet.

  18. My husband did record me. I was horrified! So loud - and I know how bad it is because I wake myself up snoring if I fall asleep in front of the television.
    Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day Sandi.

  19. Snoring and Lilacs all tied into a special weekend of love.
    Vert Sweet :)
    Love the purple colour and the fragrance of lilacs.
    Guess you were all on the same wave length with that plant running in the background!


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