Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4:00 AM Phone call

In the erie half light, I glanced at the clock, 4:20. Who would be calling so early? I dragged myself out of bed to stop the the incessant ringing of the phone.

"Good Morning! Due to inclement weather Evergreen Public Schools will be closed . . . "

My groggy mind instantly kicked into wake up mode!  A snow day!  Oh boy!

David asked, "Who was that?"

"Evergreen Public Schools.  That's the first time they've ever called to let us know. It was snowing a little when I went to bed, but I figured it would be gone by now."

David promptly drifted back to sleep, but I laid there, wide awake, and wondering what it was doing outside. Shrugging into my robe, I grabbed my slippers and my camera. I had to go see for myself.

I know.  I agree!  Not much of a snow day in my mind, either!!
The footprints are from last night when my neighbor walked over for a chat.

I walked out and put my toe in the snowy slush, listening to the steady dripping from the eaves.  Once again, my district had made the call too early . . . a two hour late start would have been perfect! Now we will be making up the day, but this snow isn't any fun for the kids to play in, and there isn't enough of it!

For all my blogging friends who get real snow in the winter, I'm sure you're laughing at our piddly dab.  But, you have to see it in context.  We rarely get enough snow to even stick on the ground, so we also have few snowplows, and few folks have traction devices. (Not that we'd need either to get around today!) I guess for the safety of novice snow drivers, the school districts in our area often err on the side of caution.  And to be pitifully honest, many of us get downright giddy with the prospect of any white stuff, likely a left over from the two times during my childhood I remember having enough to actually play in!  

While I slightly resent the idea of giving up a day in June for this, I will look on the bright side and accept this gift of a bonus day at home.  David just left for work, at his regular time of 5:20 AM, so I have a few hours to read, putter and hang out with Nikki by the stove. I may even do something productive . . . but, maybe not!

Thank you to everyone who supportively responded to my recent post about"Losing It".  I've tried to remember to acknowledge your comments when I read latest blogs, but sometimes I forgot!  I always appreciate the love and encouragement I receive from my dear blogging friends.  What a privilege and honor it is to be considered important in your busy lives.




  1. Ok I'm one of the ones giggling about the snow. I have lived in Alaska and now live in Utah where snow is more common than sunshine (well except for this year and we have the same amount right now.) However I'm actually glad you have a snow day to just hang out and relax! One day in June won't hurt your peace of mind today. BTW thank you for your comment on yesterday's post. My Meaghan is 17. It was rough watching her go through this week end.

  2. We have more snow than that right here in Bellingham. It's been fun to see and play in as long as I don't have to drive. But yesterday cold air came roaring down from the Fraser Valley and now it's in the teens. That's MUCH harder to deal with. But I'm glad you get a day off...

  3. I am glad you had another day to just sit around and veg. Enjoy your day off.

  4. I admit to laughing about you tiny snowfall although this winter we have been very lucky. Last winter we had 56 inches of snow.

    Have fun today!

  5. From my experience living in New York City during the 1970s, it was always nice to see the first snow fall, but I hated the long dreary winters. Hawaii is the best!

  6. Dear Sandi,
    Oh, joy in the morning to have a snow day! And June will take care of itself when it rolls around. Today I hope you just potch--a Missouri word meaning to do any old thing you want in no order, just potching from one thing to another! This couldn't happen to a better person.'


  7. I thought that living in Washington was enough to make me used to a very little snow lifestyle, but Cork is even more so! We have hardly had a day under 40 degrees! I am actually really love it since it just feels like we've had a long Autumn and have skipped out on winter all together!

  8. Snow days have good points--I loved them as a child. Now, living in So. Calif., those are a fond memory. I hope you baked cookies or made a big pot of stew! That's what we always did!

  9. I taught for years but never got a call. Where I live snow comes and we are forced to stay in touch with the media. By 6:30 am the stations tell us what's cancelled. But if a snow day did occur we did not have an extra day in June. Not sure why you have to. Enjoy the day!

  10. I saw on the news today that Seattle was having a terrible time with the enjoy the day off and relax and consider it a gift from Mother much better than the ones we've been given lately! We're waiting for a snow storm that's coming tomorrow. Maybe only 3in...that will be OK.

  11. I hope you enjoyed your day. I used my snow day Friday to do grade cards and collect data reports. We have 5 snow days built into our schedule so we don't have to make up in June, unless we go over the 5.

  12. Oh how I miss snow days. I don't get any with my new job. There is nothing like a 2 year old loving the snow.

  13. I sometimes wonder why they call snow days when there doesn't seem to be much snow. But then when I travel on our long winding country roads and see where a lot of kids live and the roads the buses have to travel on, I understand.


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