Saturday, November 19, 2011


Some days are so picture perfect that you just wallow in the sweetness of it.  Today was one of those days.
Behind our heads is a sign saying, "We Buy".
They knew we were coming!
Two or three times a year, Deb and I plan a day with a mission to find treasures, and bask in the warmth of each other's love.  Both early risers, we meet, and travel the highways and byways of Oregon and Washington, with a semi-serious plan, and no time clock or agenda.  We talk non-stop, cheerfully interrupting each other, laugh often, and usually cry at some point. 

This morning we were heading out Highway 14 toward bustling Bingen to an antique shop we knew, and before we'd been on the road for 30 minutes, we were deep into discussing the newest common thread binding us further together, the anniversary of our children's deaths.  I think I was the first one to weep today, but the tears were short lived.

Our history is as rich and eclectic and sensory as the objects we seek and often find when we're together.  We met officially when Deb was my oldest daughter's fifth grade teacher, and discovered our many heart connections on our first antique adventure at the end of that school year.  Over the next few years, we taught in the same building, she had my youngest daughter in class, and eventually became next door teaching pals.  I miss those days of knowing Deb was next door, and remember her comforting arms around me the day my son died.  She is a heart and soul type friend, and a pleasure to travel with.

The Gorge was magnificent today.  It was crisp, clear and cold, with snow in the nearby hills, and autumn colors to die for.  Our first stop, Antiques & Oddities, was just a warm up.  Deb found a couple of good deals, and I just browsed.  The snow was so close!

We both bought one of these 
for our classrooms.

One of several journals we found . . . 
and bought
As the day was young, we decided to travel east and cross over at The Dalles, which ended up being devine!  I found several lovely things at the Red Wagon, we both spent too much in a fantastic book shop, (the oldest in Oregon!) and ate the best meal I can remember at a darling French Cafe. 

Eventually, we wound our way back to Camas (our original destination when we planned this day!) and savored the last hour in one of our favorite shops. We both bought cute jingle bell earrings to wear next month!
We are not antiques, we are vintage!

It was a perfectly perfect day. Deb and I seem to move at the same pace, delight in the same pleasures.  I feel appreciated, loved and honored in her presence.  More than all the treasures we have found, I treasure her friendship the most. She has been my co-worker, counselor, cheerleader, confidant and comforter. I love going treasure hunting with my treasured friend, Deb!


  1. What a delightful post! Two of my favourite bloggers, together, as best friends, sharing a perfect day! What bliss and I thank you so much for sharing your day with us, too! Sandie, I had no idea you'd lost your son. I am so sorry to only be reading of this now, even though I realise it happened a long time before I started reading your blog. I am so glad you and Deb have each other and, even though I only know you both 'virtually' it's abundantly clear that you are soul sisters, to use a rather cliched expression. You seem so right together and I am truly happy you both had this precious time together! I can feel the positive energy your visit generated and the glow of happiness and contentment is evident in the super photographs you've shared here of the two of you together! I love your caption about not being antiques, but vintage :) Hope you're having a good day, today! Big hug xoxo

  2. Oh, this is so touching! You surely have a wonderful friendship. It sounds like me and my bosom friend back in the Philippines. We too had common interests, did many things together and took pleasure in little things. But sadly, we've lost touch with each other.
    Yes, your friendship is the kind that anyone yearns to have. Very inspiring post!

  3. How wonderful! You sound like you're doing much better these days. I love the expressions of joy and happiness in both of your pictures! Makes me smile. :-)

  4. Vintage friends and finds are the best Sandi. The photo of the Gorge was beautiful. And I really liked that journal. I'm sorry for your loss and sadness at this time. I cried on Saturday too thinking about my mom. Holidays can be difficult.
    Hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving!
    Love Di ♥

  5. Dear Sandi,
    Like Desiree, I didn't know that your son had died. I wish you could post something about your son and when he died. You've probably done that already, but could you give us a link to that posting?????

    I'm glad you and Deb had this wonderful time together. It's so good to be with soul mates who enrich our lives.


  6. This made me cry again, through a smile of joyful remembering. I love that we laughed as much as we cried yesterday, and that being together is so easy. That ease is such a gift during a time when little else feels easy. We are so blessed to have each other. Love.

  7. It's great to have such a wonderful friend. She's a treasure for sure! Looks like a fun day and I love all the finds too. Thanks to Deb, I found your blog so I guess that's my gift from her!

  8. I envy the two of you. What could be better than treasure hunting in the company of the best treasure of all, a good friend.

  9. You are both very fortunate to have such a treasured friendship. Thanks for sharing you adventures with us.

  10. So pleased you and Deb had a lovely day. She is a magnificent soul and an absolute delight to spend a day with.


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