Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Surprise

It's been a really good day.  We woke to drizzle, but it didn't dampen my spirits.  I kept thinking about a blog I read last night, and the message was, "Do the next thing."  Don't get bogged down by the piles of stuff to worry about, the never ending list of things to do.  Just, do the next thing.  So that's what this drizzling Saturday has been, one step in front of the other, no sense of urgency, just, do the next thing.  Thank you Sally, (I STILL don't know how to do a link correctly!) But, I have kept this thought uppermost all day, and it's been a peaceful, and surprisingly productive, day.

Probably the highlight of the day was a surprise "skype" with our daughter, Kailyn, who is in Caen, France for the year.  Our last conversation was tearful, as she was achingly homesick and hadn't made any friends yet who had similar interests.  She is an unusual college girl who doesn't drink, loves history, museums, antiques, and exploring.  So far, the exchange students she had met were friendly, but only wanted to party!  She hung out with them at first, but was longing for a more interesting (to her) scene than a noisy pub! As we chatted, she told us of some new friends she has made, and some of the places they have visited and are planning to visit soon. It was wonderful to see her animated face, and the backdrop of her laundry hanging on a line strung across her dorm room! She is pinching her euros, and doesn't want to waste them on such mundane things such as laundry!

Today Kailyn went exploring with a few of her new friends and wrote about it on her blog, which I hope is linked correctly, here:

She is new to blogging (only three posts so far!) but seems to get the idea.  Write about what you know, what you're thinking and feeling, and post pictures!  (she's much better at picture posting than I am!)

After we "hung up" (it was bedtime for her as they are nine hours later than we are!) I scalded a big basket of tomatoes, and made a heavenly stew with lots of fresh vegetables.  While it simmered and "stewed" I read a little, caught up on email, and rested.  It was "the next thing to do" for me today.

We enjoyed the stew with freshly baked cornbread, and my "next thing to do" will be to head out for our evening walk.  David bought me a nice pedometer (which is amazingly accurate - we checked it with the car odometer) and I'm excited to say that we are up to 0.7 miles . . . without my cane!  I have exactly one week to get myself to one mile, and as I've been adding about a tenth each day, I believe I will achieve my goal.

Next Saturday I will be "Stepping Out for Diabetes", and walking with my niece and sister in honor of my niece's husband, who died of complications with diabetes a little over two years ago. This walk has been my goal over the past month or so, and I am thrilled that I'm going to accomplish it! My physical therapist has limited me to just one mile, and made me promise to bring my cane (just in case).

It's been a lovely Saturday, due to my encounter last night with those simple little words, "Do the next thing".  I haven't fretted over stuff that didn't get done, I've calmly put one foot in front of the other, and just concentrated on one thing at a time.  This is new for me, and it made for a day filled with peace. What a pleasant surprise.


  1. Sally is indeed a wise woman. And so are you for putting her words of wisdom to such good use. Your day sounds like a perfectly spent early fall Saturday.

  2. Lovely! I also enjoy Sally's blog, and I have been busily doing the "next thing" now, starting with laundry on a Sunday morning! It's raining outside, so the gray skies are NOT beckoning me to the outdoors. Congratulations on getting to almost a mile! That is HUGE!

  3. Like Deb, DJan, and yourself, Sandi, I read Sally's posting yesterday and tried to follow her advice: Do the next thing. Amazingly, it works!

    I'm so glad--almost giddy--for you that you're going to be able to walk a mile and participate in the walk for diabetes. My cousin died of its complications this past February. It is a devastating disease, taking away one function of our bodies after another.

    Kailyn sounds so interesting. I'll go onto her blog and read it as I'm sure she'd appreciate readers when she goes to the work of posting.

    I read Deb's comment on your posting about your mother and she complimented you on being such a great mother. So I'm sure that Kailyn is missing you a lot while she stretches and tries out her wings.

    Now I'm going to do the next thing and have a cup of tea!


  4. It's definitely a lovely Saturday for you with all these surprises and simple pleasures. I visited your daughter's blog through your link and I did enjoy reading her adventures in a new place.

    I also like that "do the next thing" creed. I'm a multitasker, but I'll try to live by that creed.

  5. I love days like those Sandi and I'm glad you had one. Talking and seeing your daughter certainly didn't hurt any I'm sure.
    Don't push too hard on that knee, but you already know that. I'm just starting to learn when enough is enough for mine although it can be very difficult to tell sometimes!
    Good luck with your one mile. I'll be cheering you on from cyberspace!! Love Di ♥

  6. There is so much freedom in just doing "the next thing" isn't there? Glad you're walking and connecting with your daughter. And I, for one, am glad for the rain. A true Pacific Northwesterner, I am ;-)

  7. What a super post, Sandi! And I love the simply do the next thing! I get so caught up in the many things that need to be done and often end up feeling overwhelmed, so this comes as a real gift and I shall endeavour to practise this sage guidance from now on.

    What a tremendous milestone for you to already be contemplating a mile long walk, sans cane for as much of the distance as possible. A few months ago, when you were feeling at your lowest, you would not have imagined this possible, yet here you are today, happily planning to tackle your goal head on! This really is great news!

    I'm so pleased you had a happy chat to Kailyn and that things seem to be more settled for her, now that she has made some like-minded friends. I know this will make you rest a lot more easily, too! As Mothers, somehow we are only as happy as our least happy child...I heard that expression many years ago.

    I hope this week will have started off a lot more easily for you and that things will continue to get better and better.

  8. I need to remember this. I let my piles overwhelm me often. I'm glad you are getting your mobility back. You are progressing so well.

  9. I can't seem to use the link button either, I just have to find out how to do that as a "next step"! Good luck on your walk. I think you're doing really good. You seem to be finding balance in your life as well as on your feet!

  10. You are doing really well, keep this up and you'll be running the marathon soon :-)

    Doing the next thing is such sensible advice, I don't know why I didn't think of it myself.

  11. Isn't Skype wonderful! I use it constantly with my best friend. I'm glad your daughter is making friends and settling in to life in France. You're amazing to have (nearly) reached the goal of 1 mile so soon after surgery. Just do the next thing was good advise from Sallie!


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