Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dreaming of a . . .

Nope, I'm not dreaming of a white Christmas!  I'm dreaming of a "pain free" Christmas, just like the ones I used to know.  Before I got old and unbalanced, and tripped over my own feet. (Or over a bin of boxes I put in the kitchen!)

December 20 ~ I'm on vacation!  Both daughters are home!  We have four days to get last minute presents made, and wrapped and be ready for Christmas festivities!  Jess and I have been sitting in the family room, chatting and entertained by watching Kailyn's kitten.  Kailyn's out on a date; David has been in bed asleep for hours. I pick up one of the beautiful poinsettia plants in the family room and carry it to the kitchen for a dose of water.

Suddenly, I am falling, the plant goes flying and SPLAT goes my body, onto the kitchen floor. At first, I just laid there, cursing, while Jess picked up the plant, scooping the dirt back into the pot.  The obviously indestructible Fiesta ware saucer doesn't have a crack in it, although I'm fairly sure my ribs do.

I am so mad at myself.  I'm the one who put a plastic bin of boxes in that spot a few hours previously, ready to be used for gift wrapping. How on earth did I trip over what I knew was there?  It wasn't even in the doorway; I almost had to go out of my way to find it with my left foot!

After I managed to get upright, I hobbled to the couch in the family room and Nurse Jess brought me ice packs for my chest and knees. (At that point I didn't know what hurt worse, so we covered all areas of impact)  Fortunately I had leftover pain pills from an earlier shoulder injury (which I'm still doing physical therapy for) and I got to bed around midnight.  Not a happy place to be I discovered.  There was no comfortable position.

The next morning I called the doctor and made an appointment to come in for x-rays   I found it was easier to sit upright, or stand, than to lay down, so I puttered in my sewing room for much of the day while I awaited my appointment time, guiding Jess as she made her first pair of pajama pants. (She did an excellent job!)

Just as I was getting ready to leave, I received a phone call telling me my doctor was delivering a baby and I'd need to reschedule for the next morning!  I was told I could go to urgent care to get x-rays if I wished, but since I didn't really want to get in the car anyway, I decided it wouldn't make much difference either way.  I found that the pain pills weren't doing a lot for the pain, but helped my disposition, so I took another one!

It was hard to believe, but the second night was even worse for sleeping, so I was grateful for the morning appointment.  My husband drove me to the doctor, and after x-rays showed I had no broken ribs, I was given a different prescription pain reliever and told I would likely feel worse the next day, but that I would see improvement (SLOWLY) over the next several weeks.  The doctor said that treatment is basically the same, with or without broken ribs, and that it's the bruised muscles that are causing the pain. I was told to be sure and take deep breaths at least once an hour, as pneumonia was a concern with this type of injury. Merry Christmas to me!

We headed over to my Dad's to pick him up for the l-o-n-g drive to my brother's house for the family Christmas party, which was scheduled for noon that day.  Arriving at my Dad's, he told us he preferred taking his van, and driving, as it was most comfortable for him (he is healing from a broken hip!) and I figured it wasn't going to matter much for me, so we let him drive.  My brother lives in a gorgeous home, on top of a mountain, outside of Woodland, Washington, complete with hairpin curves the seven miles up from the main road.  Despite a pain pill and later two extra strength Tylenol, I was in misery, and not a little cranky.  Once at my brother's, I stood and tried to be sociable, (no easy task!) until it was mercifully time to go home. Everyone was solicitous and no one hugged me hard, so I wasn't any worse off when we left.

Christmas Eve we drove to my husband's sister's house for another family gathering.  By that morning, I was feeling like there was a light at the end of the tunnel (hmm, sounds like my last post . . .) and I was even able to sit awhile in almost comfort while we were there.  When it was time to go, we all went around for our good bye hugs, and my brother-in-law, whom I love, gave me a bear hug that literally brought tears to me eyes.  (In his defense, he knew nothing of my recent fall, as we hadn't told anyone there.)

When we got to the car I told my family about the hug, and we all kind of laughed about it, as that's just Uncle Guy, known for his bear hugs, and I didn't think much more about it.

Yesterday I went back to PT (for my shoulder) and told my therapist about my fall.  She was very cautious with me as we went through my routine, and I felt like I was doing alright until she asked me to lay on the bench.  As soon as my back hit the bench, I was in immediate pain.  She saw my eyes fill with tears and quickly helped me stand up. I asked why my back hurt so bad, when I landed on my front, and she explained the ways the muscles surround the body, and that back pain showed how deep my bruising was.

Last night I was carrying some recycling stuff to the garage and dropped it.  David heard me cussing and came to help me pick it up, saying, "I'll get it."

I told him, "I'm not mad about dropping it so much as I'm mad that it hurts so much to bend over and pick anything up.  I'm so tired of being in pain!"

I can see through the window that it isn't raining outside, so I am going to go through the misery of getting dressed and putting on my shoes, so I can enjoy some fresh air and a walk.  I'm sick of laying/sitting around, especially since I can't do much of either for longer than about an hour before I'm uncomfortable. 

It just occured to me that dreaming of a pain free existence isn't going to make it happen.  Movement will be a start . . . careful, paying close attention to my surroundings, movement . . . it's a start.


  1. I hope you feel lots better really soon. I have done the same thing, tripping over something that I should have known was there.

  2. Oh, Sandi, I am so sorry to hear about this. We have all done what you did that started this, but we don't all usually keep going full tilt like you have been doing. I am so hoping that the next time I read your post, it will be all about your complete recovery. I am SO hoping. I care, dear one. :-)

  3. Stuff like this never happens when we have absolutely nothing going on in life...unless you're like me and always have something going on in life! I'm so sorry you're hurting. I hope by New Years day all will be improved. Be careful and take care!

  4. Oh, I am so, so sorry. It sounds like you are in misery. Isn't crazy how these falls set us back?? I don't get it. I fell a few weeks ago as the dog pulled me through the front door and I tripped on the door jam. I fell spread eagle flat on my stomach. I stretched out my arms to keep from breaking an elbow or arm. I hurt for days. I hit a think carpet when I fell, so it wasn't as bad as your fall. Darn it! I hope each day brings less pain my friend. XO

  5. So sorry that happened to you. Sounds like it is going to take a while to heal. I know how annoying and wearing on you being in constant pain is to live with. My heart goes out to you. I'd never wish it on anybody. Pamper yourself silly. Spoil yourself rotten. And do your exercises. I hope you feel better and better!! :)

  6. Gee, I hope you feel better real soon, Sandi. That fall couldn't have happened at a worse time.

  7. Sorry about the fall. We've had a run of not so good health the last few months and have taken more than a few pain pills. Hoping that spell will soon be behind us.
    I have pancreatitis and it's healing. Husband is getting a pacemaker next week and his breathing should improve.
    Blessings and BE careful.

  8. Well, that was not a merry Christmas for you. Hoping the New Year brings less pain and more healing. Light hugs to you.

  9. Oh no Sandi -sorry to read about your fall. Husband also has heavy internal and external bruising after a recent op and I can relate to all you have mentioned here watching him trying to deal with pain and discomfort issues. What you are going through is hard -it's a bit much when you have to toast in the New Year with a pain pill!! All the best for your healing which I guess will take its own sweet time.

  10. Your story sounds like Art's. Let me tell you, Sandi, you (and he) may be in pain, but everyone around you is also affected. They have to be good sports while you complain, or yell, or cry.

    I do sympathize, though.

  11. Ugh! I'm so sorry! What a bummer. I know that, for me, the more I focus on the problem, the bigger it seems to get in my mind. When I sit and visualize myself in the situation I wish I was in (like pain-free), it seems better.

    Take care.

  12. Hi, Sandi! Haven't been by your site in a while.

    What a tumble! Isn't it amazing how a simple fall can create so much pain? Hope you recover soon, move out of the pain zone. Been there myself.

  13. Dear Sandi, I'm so sorry to learn that this happened right before Christmas--or at any time for that matter. I do so hope that by now the bruising has gone away and you are feeling no pain.

    I've been away from reading and commenting on blogs for nearly seven weeks, and when I got to your blog today and saw the December date I immediately wondered what had been happening with you. I do so hope that you were able to do a lot of your teaching sitting down. Reaching up and writing on the chalkboard must have been agony.

    Please let me know if you are better. Peace.

  14. I tagged you for a "Liebster Award" and if you care to play along, all the details are here:

  15. Take care sweetie and continue to heal and become pain free.

  16. We have not heard from you in quite awhile. I do hope that your condition has improved.

  17. I hope all is well with you and yours, Sandi?


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