Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Ants Go Marching . . . and . . . August is Upon Us!

I neglected to take photographs of my ant invasion, silly me.  They've been invading for years, particularly in August, and this year, despite my home-brewed attacks with vinegar and bleach, and Terro Ant Killer, they kept coming back for more!  I gave up and my husband called an exterminator.    They were a likeable pair, father and daughter, and after the killing, we visited awhile and David gave them a jar of honey as a thank you gift. We were assured the substance used would not be harmful to us, our dog or the bees.  We hope this is true.

This morning I woke up to no ants; although I searched high and low for strays, I found nary a one!
It appears the ants have gone marching away, and good riddance I say!

August!  The beginning of the end . . . of vacation, of late night reading, of sleeping in past 5 am, of lazy days spent with family and friends.  Deb and I left for our rescheduled beach adventure early Monday morning, and enjoyed a full day of sleuthing for the best antique deals.
A few of the mini kitchen treasures I found during our antique shopping.
I especially love the little egg beater and bowl.  They didn't come together.
I found the beater first, and the bowl, which fit perfectly, at the next shop!

We had dinner at Blackfish Cafe in Lincoln City, and while it was a bit of a wait, was worth every morsel.  We wished we'd taken pictures of our food, but didn't think about it until we were partway through.  Well sated, we embarked on a search for a motel.  The first three were filled, but the Seahorse had a room, with a wonderful ocean view, just steps from the beach.  It was perfect!

We sat that night, reading aloud from the 1968 & 1969 Teen magazines we had bought earlier that day, bringing back fond (and hysterical) high school memories.
Cover of the magazine I bought, March 1969
Literally signs of the times.
Sounding off on whether riots are ok . . . or not.
Activities for the young in love, circa 1969.
Paul Revere and the Raiders!  Yea!  Portland, Oregon!
Teen magazine's attempt to convince girls to wear wigs??
We don't recall that fad much, at least I never had a wig!
 We ended up laughing hysterically at some of the articles, especially on dating.  Somehow, remembering high school was a lot funnier than actually being there! 

As usual, we both woke up early the next morning, got dressed and headed for the beach.  We thought we were very close, but there were a whole lot of steps to descend!
I wish I had counted the steps, because there are numerous switchbacks
that are hard to see in this photo.  They were also a bit steep, but we were determined!

Once on the beach, our sandals came off and we reveled in the feel of sand on bare toes.  The weather was perfect; not sunny, but not windy either! We both collected pockets full of rocks and shells.
Deb and I during enjoying our morning walk on the beach.

I saw this adorable little table in a shop we almost didn't stop at!
Then, we passed a tea shop and I found this darling 2 cup teapot.
Just right for my morning cuppa tea!
The embroidered and crocheted table topper was made by my grandma.
 We had a lovely two days of shopping and catching up on vacation and school stories.  Too soon, it was the end of the second day and time to part.  After dropping Deb at her house, I drove home, contented as a well-fed cat, grateful for this friendship which contains enough similarities to be supremely comfortable, and enough differences to make our adventures fun.  It also helps that we don't always seek the same type of treasures, and when we do, the unwritten rule is: Whoever sees the treasure, and picks it up first, is allowed to claim ownership! While we don't necessarily look for the same type of antiques, we appreciate each other's desires, and often point out what the other has missed.

Deb and I have always given each other little gifts, often for no reason, but just because we see something we know the other will love.
The sweet bird planter I found for Deb at The Farmstead Antique Shop.
I added the hens and chicks from my growing collection.

She brought me home this beautiful woven piece from Belize. I tried it in several places in my living room, and for now it will be on my great-grandmother's trunk.
I'm not convinced this is where it will stay, but it's protected under glass for now.
The white underneath is for contrast, as the photo didn't show the textile clearly at first.

Traveling with Deb is one of my very favorite things to do.  We rarely run out of topics to hash over;  the occasional silences are comfortable and short-lived. Our shared history is beautifully interwoven much like her gift from Belize ~ colorful, dramatic, surprising and harmonious.  And, our previously unknown to each other history is remarkably similar, finding we have covered much of the same territory, often living parallel lives.  Ours is an understood history, even though there were distinctly different variations in our paths, we have always believed we ended up in the same space for a reason.  

We were meant to know each other, and I will always be grateful for the series of events that lead us to connect and the impact that connection has had on my life.  I am already looking forward to our next adventure!

One of the items I was searching for while with Deb was a set of Tinker toys.  Last year one of our science guys brought in some Tinker toys for the kids and they did a science investigation using them to design and build a working windmill.  It was an excellent lesson and I've been looking for Tinker Toys ever since.  I didn't see any on our trip to the beach, but this week Kailyn and I stopped in to our favorite antique shop in Camas and there they were, vintage tin and all.  I opened the lid and counted enough pieces that I can make several groups and provide materials, so I was pretty happy.  It was missing all but one of the green flaps, but I'll give the kids cards, which will work perfectly well.  This set was $15, a real bargain as when I searched online, the cheapest I could find was $25, and those were plastic ones! The wood sets started at $49, for basically the same amount of pieces I got, on up to $225 for the mega set!

What a great find!
August is upon us, and quickly slipping away.  In three days my oldest daughter will be off to Australia for a fantastic student teaching experience. In less than three weeks my youngest daughter will be returning to college and the excitement of her first apartment.  Next week, I'll be dipping my toes into my classroom, a few hours at a time, preparing for the new school year.   Deep sigh . . . 


  1. I am glad you and Deb had such a wonderful time. You found some nice treasures and what fun to be barefoot on a sandy beach.

  2. Dear Sandi, thank you for sharing with all of us your two-day vacation with Deb. What a blessing you are to one another. Your treasure trove from the antique shops is glorious. And the tinker toys! I'd forgotten them, but yes that is the canister they came in and oh they were so much fun to play with. Peace.

  3. What a great and fun time you two had together. I have never spent even 1 night with a girlfriend, so I found your post interesting. The fact that you have kept things made by your grandmother startled me, because I rarely keep anything, usually donating them after awhile. It made me realize that somethings my mother made for me should be kept for my grandkids down to posterity.

  4. I had completely forgotten about TinkerToys until I saw the picture of the box! And what a wonderful friend you have in Deb, Sandi. Thanks for sharing your joy...

  5. I feel the deep sigh. I'm into my neck, maybe over my head in school. I will have students in 6 school days. Enjoy your time.

  6. I probably had those same mags when I was in HS! I was a magazine lover even then..and more than anything (after the Beatles) I loved Paul Revere and the Raiders..I went to every concert when they came to Chicago. I had tickets the year McCormick Place burned down and the concert was cancelled..I was soooo sad! They never came back until I was around 19 and they played at a YMCA near my home. I went and it was packed! Kind of a big come down for them, but I was happy to see one last concert! Wigs and "falls" (long hair pieces) were very popular when I was a teen. I had a cute short wig (along with my best friends!) and a hair "fall" that I wore must be so much younger than me! Sounds like you and Deb had a blast. How nice that you two can share some great fun together. Enjoy your last days of summer.

  7. This post was filled with so much energy and happiness, I almost felt I was shopping with the two of you. I love that you two do this together. What a blessing you are to each other. I think this trip is the perfect way to wind down summer. Soon, you will be back at it. Enjoy these last days before the big push starts all over again.

  8. There are 144 steps there (give or take, depending on how many the sand is covering up). I used to live two blocks from that beach access and we counted them many times.

    So glad you two had your trip after all. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  9. Per the ants - Been there, done that (called the exterminator),and have been ant free since. Well well worth the cost.

    Per your vacation- I have always felt that one of the greatest gifts in life are the friends we have and the memories that we make with them.

  10. Glad your ants are finally gone! That was amazing that you found the bowl that fit the egg beater at the next shop! so cool!
    I never got Teen Magazine back then, but it was a hoot to see some of one now. Falls were in when I was in high school (graduated in '68) and I had one of those, but never a wig. Didn't know anyone who owned a wig, but there were quite a few who wore falls.
    Looks like such a wonderful time with your friend!! Those times are the best. :) Have a good week.

  11. What a great time Sandi and I always enjoy seeing what you've come back from shopping with! I remember those Teen magazines, one of my favorites.
    School has already started here. I hope you have a wonderful new school year! Love Di ♥

  12. It's so much fun to read about our time together here - I love the pictures and the reminder of the most amazing and magical time that was. Your white table looks wonderful there - definitely exactly where it needed to be. I laughed when I read Kario's comment about the number of steps. I can hardly wait for our next adventure - and feel so blessed that I know I can count on special time with you. I love you.

  13. That table is beatiful and what a find with that teen magazine!
    Have a great weekend
    Blessings, Joanne

  14. Next time you and Deb head out, give me a shout! You two like the 'stuff' that I like!

  15. WOW this post was packed with so much! Deb and you had some fun time and that's heart warming.
    I love you journey through old magazines ! great idea!!!
    Back to school bring worry as well as excitement. I miss my teaching years a lot.

  16. How exciting that your daughter is coming to Australia. Eastern states no doubt. I hope we can turn on some warm sunshine for her - it's been so cold,we can't wait for Spring weather!
    Loved the photo of you and Deb.


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