Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chipmunk Visit

When my daughters were young, we had a favorite book called "The Chipmunk Song" (written by Joanne Ryder and illustrated by Lynne Cherry) that I read to them over and over.  The illustrations were gorgeous and the verse so lyrical and beautiful, we've all had a soft spot for chipmunks ever since. But, while there are copious amounts of squirrels hanging around the neighborhood, chipmunks aren't common in our area.

Then, a couple of years I caught a glimpse of a cute little chipmunk on the deck outside the kitchen window.  It was just a baby, really not more than a few inches long.  I was mesmerized watching him, nibbling at the fallen seeds on the deck from the bird feeder hanging in the lilac tree.  I told my husband and some neighbors about seeing him and no one believed me.  

Last summer I bought him peanuts and sunflowers seeds to entice him to visit. I filled a little red bowl, hoping to catch him and get a photo.  But, I just wasn't quick enough.  I'd grab my camera, yet each time, he'd get away and I'd be left with no proof of his existence.  I hadn't seen him for several months and figured he was either hibernating (do chipmunks hibernate??) or had left the neighborhood.

Then, when I was home on President's day, I saw him out the window, hanging from the lilac tree and eating from the bird feeder.  I'd caught squirrels hanging around before, but hadn't seen the chipmunk at the feeder.  I quickly got my camera and managed to get a couple photos.  Unfortunately, my dog Nikki was whining at the slider to get out and chase him off her property, so the chipmunk didn't hang out for long.

When I downloaded the photos I was surprised at how precarious his position is!
I don't know what is keeping him from falling! 
He sure is a cute little thing.


  1. He is gorgeous, Sandi. I used to think chipmunks were made-up little Disney Bros creatures. I'd not seen any pictures of real ones until quite late in life. I'm so glad you had success with capturing proof of his existence this time. Just goes to show. Perseverance pays off handsomely :)

  2. AW he is darling. I know they can be troublesome little critters but they sure are darling.. Thanks for coming over and encouraging me so much Sandy! It means a lot.

  3. Give me a chipmunk any time over those pesky squirrels! He's adorable and you're right: how is he holding on? Thanks for sharing your little guy with me. I needed it today.

  4. He is so cute and you got a great shot of him!!

  5. We don't see too many chipmunks anymore...thanks to my cat. She's a chipmunk killer..oh well. I think you did a great job in catching that one! Years ago my neighbor's little girl came running over to our house to show me what she had caught..a chipmunk! She had it by the tail and ran into my house to show chose that moment to bite her. She screamed, dropped it in my livingroom where it took off with our dog in hot pursuit. I managed to open the back door and it took off..that was my interaction with a chipmunk!

  6. It must be hope that is holding him up - I am astonished! They are so cute and we don't have any in our area, either.

  7. Great photo. I love shots like this. Have no idea how he's holding on. Like Kario said, Hope, perhaps.
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  8. What an awesome photo! You should submit it to your local newspaper for publication.

  9. Great photo! By all means, that should be sent to a newspaper, or to "Country Magazine".

  10. Cute. I am surprised you caught him in this position. It looks like he was moving fast.

  11. Dear Sandi,
    I loved this posting and the accompanying photograph. When I used to camp in the North Woods of Minnesota, we'd see so many chippy chipmunks! They are a delight to watch.


  12. Oh how cute!!! I don't think I would have been as lucky in getting that shot Sandi, I love it! Love Di ♥

  13. How darling is that LOL!

    Now I need to see if I can find "The Chipmunk Song." I bet my kids and I would love it :0)


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