Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Small Steps

Yesterday I had my six week check up with the surgeon.  I've been given huge gifts: toss the anti embolism socks (big hurrah!), now allowed to take Advil for inflammation, permission to return to the pool, and ok to drive (a little worrisome).  So, last night I drove home from the grocery store.  I was pretty excited, as six weeks without driving was a first for me, at least in the last forty-something years since I received my licence.  It was only a mile, and I had no trouble.

This morning I returned to the pool at my usual time, 6 am, to the cheers and claps from my friends in my aqua aerobics class.  I didn't do the class, but began by walking in the "river" which I found to be more challenging than I had expected.  Fortunately, there are little "coves" with seats, so I sat most of the time and worked my legs and copied the arm movements from Lori, the class instructor.  It felt so good to be back in the water.  I talked with Diane, the 7 am instructor, and she helped me figure out some other things I can do the next time I return.  It was so encouraging to be back in something that is "normal" for me, and good to see old friends again.

We took this photo last fall for LeOla's birthday
It was especially great to see LeOla (in the blue swim cap), who was 90 last December, and has been my hero for the past two years. 

Driving home, I discovered that my right leg was pretty weak and I was glad the pool was just a couple miles away.  Right now, I'm laying down, knee propped, surrounded by ice as I type.

Small steps.  I was in the pool about 40 minutes, longer than I had promised my physical therapist (she recommended 20 minutes the first time), but most of it was sitting, so I think it was ok.  But, I am so tired! My body is telling me to take it easy, or easier, as I begin to work back into "normal behavior".  So, again, I am fighting that irritation that I can't make my body do what I want it to do, NOW!

Small steps.  Be grateful. Trust myself. Be honest. Take care of myself. Small steps on my journey to complete recovery.


  1. Well, this certainly is very good news! So much to be grateful for, as you have acknowledged. The temptation is always to do more than we ought to in the beginning, but if you overdo things at this stage, you can give yourself a set-back, so do be attentive and stick to those baby steps. In no time at all, you will find you'll be doing very much more and, soon, this whole ordeal will be history.

    Such a lovely photograph of all of you and LeOla has my admiration, too! What an inspiring woman!

  2. Yeah! I am glad you get to experience some normalcy. As you learn your do's and don'ts and how longs...enjoy your new found freedoms.

  3. What an uplifting post! I picked you out right away in that picture, your smile and your glasses give you away. And could I just suggest that you read and re-read that last paragraph often? Or better yet, copy it and put on your fridge and dresser...

    You have made my day with this post, your progress is outstanding! :-)

  4. These feel like huge strides to me! Think about where you were just a couple of weeks ago. It might be time for you to go back and read what you wrote earlier this summer. :-)

    I can hardly wait for our outing today.

  5. small steps, that's the way it goes.
    small steps will turn into bigger steps by and by.

  6. I agree with Deb--going back and reading your summer postings about the operation and the recovery and recuperation will make you feel so proud of yourself. And will help you realize just how far you have come in a relatively short time.

    Maybe posting that last paragraph on the refrigerator as DJan suggests is the thing to do. Small steps. Patience with yourself. And the sure knowledge that slow and steady wins the race--as the tortoise illustrates so well.

  7. YAY! There is something so healing and soothing about water. I know you'll be tooling around the pool again in no time.

    So pleased you're feeling more independent and I'm willing to bet you won't soon forget those lessons of dependence this summer ;-)

  8. It sounds to me like you've come pretty far in six weeks Sandi! You should be proud of yourself. And just remember, PATIENCE!!

    Now I will expect you to remind me of that after next week, O.K.?! Love Di ♥

  9. You're on your way! Good job! You'll be back to normal very me!

  10. Good for you! I think just getting in your bathing suit was a huge accomplishment. Pace yourself. Recovery takes time. I love how you are moving forward.

  11. Your day sounds like a lot of fun with your friends and full of hopes. You're getting closer to recoveryland. Best wishes!

  12. Good job! Just follow safety precautions :-)


  13. I see my Blog friend, Diana, is visiting - I hope she recovers as speedily as you have. You've come a long way in 6 weeks! Here's to further improvement!

  14. Good job! No looking back now. You are flying.

  15. You are doing great and you have the right idea to listen to your body. Like everyone says, it just takes time. Keep up the good work!


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